Sunday, September 27, 2009

Marina Faib

No doubt the Burial comparisons I heard piqued my interest. But it was learning that this "Faib" people were talking about was teenage girl that really compelled me to see what the fuss was about.

I'm here to report that the music of Russia's Marina Tovkach is quality though comparing it to Burial is a bit overboard and I feel, kind of a disservice to both parties. Sure, comparatively her sound lacks the atmospheric depth and shear rawness of the anomalous South London don, but damn, she's only 19 - give her a few years.

Those who like it deep and melodic should be well into this stuff as it threads a neat line through the intersection of dub ambiance, minimal techno, 2-Step Garage and Grime.

But don't just take my word, grab this promotional thing and judge for yourself.

(yeah she did produce the tracks perform the vocals and mix it all flawlessly)

1. Faib - cold rain (Mindset dubplate)
2. Lostlojic and Faib - breath of spring
3. Faib - whisper of trees (ranking dubplate)
4. Faib - the silence
5. Faib - somewhere far away
6. Faib - one love
7. Okapi and Faib - nirvana
8. Faib - ticking clocks
9. Synkro and Faib - inhale
10.Faib - invisible light
11.Faib - my game
12.Faib - thrust in
13.Faib - broken mirror


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