Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nine Inch Nails Mixed Feelings DJ Mix

Stumbled across this slick mix just a few minutes ago, and thought I'd re-post it for any NIN fans that may be out there.

Track List:
closer (precursor)
closer (further away)

get down make love
stuck throw this away
into the void
a warm place (vocal remix ft stella soleil)
a warm place (original mix)
eraser (instrumental live 95)
reptile (instrumental)

reptile (remixed bu dave oglive)

underneath the skin
the downward spiral (the bottom)
the art of self-destruction (pt 1)

we're in this together
you know who you are
head like a hole (slate mix)

heresy (version)
happiness in slavery (pk slave mix)
burn like brilliant trash
happiness in slavery (broken)

happiness in slavery (fixed)
do not want this (instrumental)
do not want this

at the heart of it all
77 mins

This is actually a really bad ass mix! It features a lot of remixes I'd never heard before and it's put together really well. Flows seamlessly through a lot of different sounds.



dabbler said...

direct link to download here

and covers if you want to print them off for a CD...

dabbler said...

also, that cover was a mistake, 'fixed' version is posted above on the zshare and facebook links. could you change it please? :)


Atticus said...

Couldn't tell much of a difference, but the fix has been uploaded. ;)

dabbler said...

thnx, the first version had two sqaures of the Fragile cover and was missing the NBK soundtrack cover. lol

cheers for the repost!