Sunday, October 26, 2008

The May Fire - The List EP

East Bay by way of Los Angeles quartet, The May Fire, should be destined for big things. Their infectious sound is a mish mash of influence that blends equal parts post-punk, grunge and pop. This is deftly balanced with just the right of amount of 90's style fuzz distortion on the guitars to smooth the edges. In fact, the overall sound is very 90’s influenced- which is a good thing. 

Chilean born Catty Tasso, heads up the band with her distinctly catchy vocal sound and handles guitar duties along with Miguel Insignares. The rhythm section is solid. Mike Gwinn holds down the bass and provides some nice keys on Red Unicorn. El Pipes is a great drummer and percussionist (I've worked with him in the studio). 

Whether it be the syncopation in the title track or the uptempo shuffle of Burning Up, Pipes’ driving back beats provide the songs with a sense of urgency. This record is varied yet succinct. 

Clocking in at just over twenty minutes, there’s really no filler here. The List is the third installment in a trilogy of EPs that also includes 2007’s The Plastic Army and La Victoria.

Purchase all of The May Fire recordings directly from the band here.

Download free May Fire songs here.

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Tim Adams said...

Great band. Nice recommendation!