Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Fingers Bootlegs

Amon Tobin's new project is downright pop-y compared to the Brazilian jazz-don-cum-dark-industrial-beat-scientist's previous efforts. Teaming up with DoubleClick, the Ninja Tune vet brings us a slew of unnofficial cuts in which the two warp and contort R & B a Capellas into formidable modulated bass monsters. Somewhere between, Glitch-hop, Grime, Bhangra and B-More Club, the sound is refreshingly different yet sure to tear up any dancefloor catering to the afformentioned styles. Especially digging the Funksteroung-esqe mangling of Missy and the bleepy post crunk twisting of J-88.

1 Spank Rock Backyard Betty (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
2 Missy Elliot Best Best (Two Fingers Bootleg)Mp3
3 Kelis Bossy (Two Fingers Bootleg)MP3
4 JJ-88 The Look of Love(Two Fingers Bootleg)MP3
5 Kool Keith Drugs (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
6 Busta Rhymes Don't Touch Me (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
7 Ciara ft Chamillionaire Get Up (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
8 Joell Ortiz Block Royal (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
9 Joell Ortiz Hip Hop (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
10 Khia My Neck My Back (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
11 Team Shadetek Brooklyn Anthem (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3
12 Nas You Know My Style (Two Fingers Bootleg) MP3

For more of this hybrid, transcontinental, urban-ingenuity, be sure and check the new self titled album out now on Big Dada. Serious bizness!






Anonymous said...

12 - Two Fingers vs Nas "You Know My Style


Atticus said...

Will add. Thanks