Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Hip Hop Could Be compiled by Sardonic Smirk

Sick sick sick mix tape! Almost a who's who of my favorite MCs and producers. Madlib, Dilla, Blockhead, Bonobo and Plastician provide the beats. MF Doom, Aesop Rock, Saul Williams, Slug, Common and Zach de la Roche provide the lyrical fiya.

Get it here

Props to datpiff.com and Sardonic Smirk for putting this together.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like my mix, not many people know about it. Thanks for helping spread the word.

Atticus said...

Keep making mixes like this one and i'll keep spreading the word.

sardonicsmirk said...

Hey man I got a new mixtape you might like http://www.datpiff.com/Sardonic_Smirk_Voices_From_The_Overground.m92182.html

sardonicsmirk said...
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sardonicsmirk said...

and here are the rest I have done