Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daly City Records presents: Baby Godzilla

Mochipet- DJ, Producer and Daly Records proprietor- is not your average cat. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you may have caught him Djing; and you’d probably remember it- dude slays crowds in a purple dinosaur suit. His mission statement with Daly City Records is ambitious, claiming on the homepage to take “Breakcore into R&B, Hip Hop into Electronics, Death Metal into Hyphy, and Flamenco into IDM”. And though Baby Godzilla is pretty straight forward instrumental hip hop, if you like your beats with a healthy dose of glitches, then you’ll dig this.

The DCR roster is stacked with a bunch of guys you’ve most likely never heard of: Spaceheater, Delux, Bloody Snowman, Eustacean and of course Mochipet. This comp is more or less a showcase for them, but just for good measure, they’ve also brought out some big guns; Machine Drum, Daedalus, and Myka 9 all feature on this album.

Mophono, a name I was vaguely familiar with, turns in two quality beats. Live Human Break 7 is a steppy Premier sounding cut with just a touch of glitch. Lily steps it up with bleeps and dusty drums that have been spliced to hell. An infectious bass line makes this one a serious banger. Edits (not edIT) provides some serious heat with The Prescription and the piano led glitched out Ruffles. Ghostplant by Spaceheater starts with a nice flute part and some big drums before breaking down into a verse from an MC I don’t recognize who raps over percussive tambourines and shakers. A bulging upright bass line and Myka 9’s sing-song-y flow give Mochipet’s Hope Again some serious bounce. Moogporn, by Machine Drum, is a fat slice of electro/glitchhop with drums that crunch; a sound that he has come to be known for.

This comp is twenty tracks deep with little or no filler. Definitely worth the money and time spent to locate it. I predict bigger things are to come for these guys (check the podcasts out. some sick shit here)

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