Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bullion - Young Heartbreak EP

Like his One-handed Music label mate Paul White, Bullion’s blissed-out forays into sound are hip-hop only in the loosest sense of the word.

Using nothing but the finest raw ingredients - vintage funk, soul, garage rock and psychedelia - Bullion sets the dial of his sonic Cuisinart to frappe and produces deliciously thick concoctions of woozy psy-pop.

This EP is essentially four A-side tracks packaged together.

The title track begins with a ticking clock and a snippet from some forgotten garage rock song. I love the way he warps the vocal after bringing in the drums and bass in. It creates an off-balance groove wrapped in a dissociative fog of nostalgia - like listening to The Byrds on a head full of cough syrup. (Just what you might expect from a guy who’s idea of a mixtape is mashing up J Dilla with The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds Songs in the Key of Dee. [download it here])

Are You the One is a gorgeous slow jam that rides a simple but very distinctive marching beat with an old-timey pop vocal soaked in reverb. The combination of the rhythm, an over sized bass line and the translucent quality of the vocal is like dub filtered through a particularly pleasant day-dream.

The other two tracks, Time for Us All to Love and Long Promised follow in the same vein of dazed garage-hop - proggy keys, fuzzy bass, sliced up vocals exhumed from who knows where and drums that are more than a little tipsy.

Listening to this is like smoking crack - it's over in less than 15 minutes and afterward, I’d do anything just to get another hit damnit! Please, give me another hit Bullion. I’ll... well I’m not gonna go there.

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