Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LTJ Bukem - The Essential Mixes

I came across these mixes a few days ago and have been rocking them pretty hard since.

Although the game has since changed significantly- the playing field has opened etc.- back when, Bukem was an anomaly and his
Goodlooking/Looking Good empire a force to reckoned with. It's easy to forget just how other-worldly ambient D&B sounded in the 90's and as defacto ambassador of the sound, just how big a pimp Bukem was. Besides scouting
talent and running the label, no one could mix this stuff up like Danny Boy.

MC Conrad by his side, these mixes are 2hour long journeys into proper Artcore where frenetic chopped up beats ricochet around astral, loungey soundscapes: celestial pads, booming sub bass, lush string arrangements and lots of jazzy guitars, horns and Rhodes keyboards.

More than a decade down the road and this stuff still sounds great.

Essential Mix '95

Essential Mix '96



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