Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mochipet - Daly City Records Podcast

The Yay Area's resident purple dinosaur and Daly City Records proprietor is more about supplying dope beats for that ass than hugs or affirmations. Here's a blistering mix of the man's warped take on hip hop and crunky electro glitch courtesy of the good folks at XLR8R.

ENJOY (and thanx as always XLR8R)


Daly City said...

Thanks for your support. Love this blog- so relevant.

Daly City Loves YOU!!

Atticus said...

No doubt. Just doin' what I can to promote all the quality music out there.

Fresh said...

This is some sick shit...will be rockin' my ipod for weeks to come!!!
Keep bringing it Schmoeseph!!