Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crikey!!! Ancient Hollywood sized snake discovered in coal mine


Scientists have discovered the remains of a pre-historic monster in the rain forests of northern Columbia.  Titanboa Cerrejonensis, a snake so big it snacked on crocadiles, is believed to have existed 58-60 million years ago when tempuratures  were considerebly warmer (10 degrees on average) than they are now.  Being the largest animal during this era it reigned supreme as defacto king of the jungle.

"Truly enormous snakes really spark people's imagination, but reality has exceeded the fantasies of Hollywood," said Jonathan Block, a vertebrate palaeontologist at the University of Florida, who co-led the work.

"The snake that tried to eat Jennifer Lopez in the movie Anaconda is not as big as the one we found." 

"At its greatest width, the snake would have come up to about your hips," said David Polly, a geologist at the University of Indiana at Bloomington.


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