Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ronin - Best Laid Plans

When artists give their music away it tends to arouse certain preconceptions - i.e. the quality of said music is suspect and thus not worth paying for (which is why it's being offered for free).

This is an exception to the rule; a full-length album's worth of moody, cinematic trip-hop with a dark, jagged edge; think DJ Shadow crossed with Amon Tobin circa Supermodified. Sinister atmospherics, dusty hip-hop drums, touches of jazz, orchestral samples and dialog from obscure film noir, swirl together in a sonic cauldron of claustrophobic urban dread.

Ronin's a turntabilist which means:
A) that his work leans heavily on the art of creative sampling to achieve it's affect. This could be a well placed orchestral horn stab, paranoia-inducing strings or nicking a piece of a Hitchcock movie. It also means scratching everything from Chuck D to a recording of someone reading Edgar Allen Poe.
B) a keen ear for transitions and overall flow of composition. The seamless blending of tracks is reminiscent of a proper DJ mix and also a well scored film.

Great concept and damn near flawless execution.

Grab it while you can