Saturday, January 16, 2010

Alone Tone

This site is easily one of the coolest things that I've discovered on the internetz. The guys who created it are dedicated to providing a platform for independent artists to showcase their music. allows musicians, bands and record labels - or anyone else promoting music they own the rights to - free and unlimited uploading capabilities.

"most of the 'free' services you'll run into elsewhere are running ads, funded by investors, or actually owned by media conglomerates. In general, they are hoping making money off of your 'content' Most music communities are overly obsessed with genres and popularity, and we're just not turned on by that. Time for something new, don't you think?
alonetone was started to provide a non-commercial alternative. Something useful,
something different, something that the musicians can feel like they own.
Beyond that, we want to do it right. Clean, only the essentials. Not too dorked-out. Easy to get around."

[Taken from the about section]

Once uploaded to their servers, the music is then free to stream and download by listening public. That's right free, no strings attached.

Alonetone has built a community of scores of independent acts of every stripe and genre imaginable who want nothing more than to share their art with us; free of charge. "We believe in giving our music away" they say in the FAQ section.

If you're sick of all your music and/or are the adventurous type, go check this place out.
The design is sleek, easy to navigate and of course add-free. You probably won't recognize any of the artists, but try downloading single songs from ones with cool names or interesting profile pictures.

You might have to dig a bit, but it will be well worth it if you end up with something amazing you never would have found any other way.

Happy hunting.

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