Saturday, December 12, 2009


Do you like mash-ups?

Do you like free music?

Have you heard of The Hood Internet?

If you answered yes to the first two questions and no to the third, you definitely need these guys in your life. Their site is a monument to the digital age and pretty much the mother-load as far as the nascent quasi-genre of mash-ups is concerned.

Besides running a huge blog and giving all their stuff away for free, what sets ABX and STV SLV apart from the rest of the pack is source material. The stuff they use tends toward the independent as opposed to the blatantly obvious like some other who are actually asking for money. *cough* Girl Talk *cough*

They like to squish stuff like Juvenile & Passion Pit , Dead Prez & Grizzly Bear and MF Doom & Ladytron together into confusingly awesome dance music.

For these aural alloys, they create fun photoshopped images of the artists and clever names like Two Weeks of Hip-hop, My Favorite Ladytrons, and Back that Sleepyhead Up.

For the jockeys, all bastardizations can be obtained individually. And for everyone else, there are CD length mastications affectionately called "mixtapes" (they'r now up to vol. four) that can be downloaded as single Mp3's or tracked out .zip files.

*Even if you don't really like mash-up at all, this is worth checking out just for the novelty aspect. I mean, it's free and you can delete it from your hard drive so why not?

[Thanks goes to Evander Hologram for turning me onto these guys]

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