Friday, October 30, 2009

The Gaslamp Killer - My Troubled Mind

This EP was released on Flying LotusBrainfeeder imprint a few months back. Now, if you’re not from Southern Cali, you may not be familiar with the GLK. That is probably going to change though, as he’s one of the most best DJ’s around right now - in any genre.

His self-released DJ mixes are fantastic! Who else can cram Can, Bullion Rusko, Dilla, Black Mountain and Dungen and 30-some odd other joints into the same set with surgically precise programming and blending? (that’s really a rhetorical question)

This seven-track EP’s a paltry 15 minutes, but it's practically busting at the seems with various and sundry influences. Experimental 60s/70s rock, prog, jazz, funk , African and world music are all mashed together into something that flows like a miniature dj mix; each track segueing into the next.

Anything Worse is like a cross between a DJ tool and a haunted house sound track. It starts out with a mid-tempo skeletal drum break before some synthesized atmospheric paranoia starts in. The beat gets all glitchy, speeds up for a couple of bars, then slows back down adding a disembodied funk horn and ends with Theramin and some 8-bit chip synths. Turk Mex starts out like pan-Asian world music crossed with hip-hop and ends up like some kind of psychedelic 70s blues.

Baiafro’s like a video game, an African drum circle and an acid trip all mixed up together. After a jazz sax sample it busts into a wicked b-boy style break which alternates with tribal tablas, before ending in a swirl of Floydian atmosphere. And the closer Birthday Song ? A fittingly weird conclusion to this jumble of ideas. It's essentially a Capella music wrapped in some dark synthesizer ambiance with a repeating sample of a guy saying “My troubled mind”

For some reason, it took me a couple of listens to fully grasp the dopeness. I don’t know what I was expecting this to sound like, but it caught me off guard. Given GLK’s esoteric approach to DJing, though, this EP makes perfect sense.

If you didn't get the message yet, check out this dude's DJ mixes. Here's a short one he did for BBC [.mp3] It's his official mixes that really kill it though!

For starters, I recommend:

Hell & The Lake of FIre Are Waiting For You

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