Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Badmammal - Poleng Sets 1 & 2

Bad man might be an even more fitting moniker for San Francisco-based artist/musician Chris Matule.

Both these live recordings consist entirely of original material from his three albums. The first set could be classed as something between IDM and downtempo. There's lots of live instrumentation and general weirdness which gives it an experimental uniquely folk-y kinda vibe.

The second set is a bit more straight forward electronic music, but still quality - gets especially good about halfway in.

Both the recordings were produced in connection with the Poleng Lounge (though not sure how exactly), located in San Francisco's Western Addition neighborhood.

Set 1

1) i know you well
2) gixon
3) retratos
4) novel/enterprises/little stranger/promise
5) ella
6) blue boy
7) dying digital hero


Set 2
1) toppled statues
2) tide acid
3) we need breeze
4) shake funk/principio funk/papaya
5) memorial
6) kinky operator
7) my steam
8) blue 88s
9) ghetto bird
10) emergency


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