Friday, June 5, 2009

DJ Craze - Bass Sessions

Besides featuring every noteworthy old school electro bass anthem and then some, this comp has the added benefit of being mixed and scratched by the one and only DJ Craze. Craze is a 3 time DMC champ and Miami native so you know this is legit and not just some try-hard attempting to capitalize on the electro bass fad.

01. Bass Town 'Party Rock Crew'
02. 2 Live Crew 'Check It Out Yall'
03. M.C. A.D.E 'Bass Rock Express'
04. MC Shy D 'Gotta Be Tough'
05. 2 Live Crew 'Cut It Up'
06. Original Concept 'Pump That Bass'
07. Anquette 'Miami'
08. Dynamix 2 'Feel The Bass'
09. Rock & Fizz 'Let's Do It DUB'
10. Bass Generator 'Bass Generator'
11. Magic Mike 'Give It To Them'
12. Eddie B 'Rock The House'
13. Freestyle 'Don't Stop The Rock'
14. Dimples Tee 'Jealous Fellas'
15. 2 Live Crew 'Throw The D'
16. Anquette 'Throw The P'
17. Poison Clan 'Dance All Night'
18. Cybotron 'Clear'
19. 2 Live Crew 'Mega Mixx 3'
20. Egyptian Lover 'Egypt'
21. Dynamix 2 'Give The DJ A Break'
22. Magic Mike 'Magic Mike Cuts The Record'
23. Jock D & DJ Swift 'DJ Wars'
24. Tricky D 'Take It To The Dub'
25. Freestyle 'It's Automatic'
26. 2 Hyped brothers & A Dog 'Doo Doo Brown'
27, 2 Live Crew 'C'mon Babe'
28. Too BMF 'This Is Too Much Bass'
29. Afro Rican 'Give It All You Got'
30. Clay D 'Boot The Booty'
31. Clay D 'Mover Your Body To The Beat'
32. Gucci Crew 2 'Sally That Girl'
33. Young & The Restless 'Poison Ivy'
34. MC Shy D 'Shake It'
35. SirMixALot 'Rippin'
36. Le Juan love 'Everybody Say Yeah'
37. Uncle Luke 'I Wanna Rock'
38. Anquette 'Do The 61st'


...instant dance party, just add soundsytem

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