Monday, May 11, 2009

Crack House

Fidget, or Crack House as it is more colorfully referred to, is the latest mutant sound in urban London dance music. An off-shoot of Bassline, Fidget is some what of a hybrid between British 2-Step, B-More Club and electro house, with just a dash of drum & bass. Rude bwoy chatter, air-raid sirens, twitchy synths, 303 acid, UK garage vocals, various bleeps and bloops, break beats and grimey low end fuse together to form this infectiously propulsive sound. Pioneered by Switch, it is currently being championed by the formidable DJ Zinc. This of course is not all that surprising as his Bingo Beats imprint has been pushing these disparate genres in one way or another for almost a decade.

Grab this mix Zinc put together and enjoy the new sound of Urban London in the comfort of your own headphones.


Here are a coupla free tracks for the downloadin' as well.

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