Thursday, January 22, 2009


Man, the Internet is a strange place. It seems the annoying clean bag who peddles these things is actually a lot more interesting than you would think. Contrary to the painfully boring existence I had initially associated with this guy; it turns out that Vince's story is one of betrayal, exile and now revenge. Yeah. That's right, he's an ex-Scientologist on a quest for vengeance.

I found this on a random blog a couple of weeks ago:
He was an aspiring filmmaker… but now he wears a headset in TV commercials and makes you feel like a dick for not already owning German-made spongetowels. So what happened?

...The Church of Scientology happened.

...Statements and evidence were “collected” and the CoS charged Vince with 23 crimes against Scientology, and he was forced to stand trial in Scientology Court. Which is kind of like Night Court, but without the hilarious bailiff, sexual innuendo, and the ability to walk away without fearing for your life… oh yeah, and at least one of the judges is still in junior high. Vince was found guilty on all charges without being able to mount a defense, mostly because he was never told what the charges were...

...But Vince isn’t just accepting that this is what the universe had planned for him. He’s not just moving on and leaving the whole CoS ugliness behind him. He’s fighting them. In fact, fighting the Church of Scientology is his new life’s mission
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