Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Relativity Simply Explained by Maritin Gardner

I’m revealing my latent nerdiness here, but this is a really neat little book for anyone that has ever been interested in Einstein i.e. what is it he did that makes me know who he is? And also for anyone who wants to know just what exactly the theories of special and general relativity are, but isn’t mathematically inclined. The great thing about Einstein and the way that his brain worked was he conceived of things in thought experiments. Which are basically hypothetical situations that can easily be pictured in ones head as opposed to complex differential equations that most of us could never understand. As well as explaining the theory in layman speak, each one of these thought experiments has been illustrated for our further convenience.

Relativity is one of the most tested and verified theories in all of physics. And it’s still really hard to wrap ones head around just exactly what it entails. Gravity = Inertia- wait, what?

Read it and you will find out.

Relativity Simply Explained by Martin Gardner
Dover Publications 1997

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