Sunday, December 28, 2008

Project Chanology

The folks at 4chan have actually started something worthwhile; an autonomous collective known only as Anonymous. The name is derived from the title given to users in the /b/ forum who post without registering.

It seems that they became incensed by a ridiculous Scientology video starring who else but Tom Cruise, that happened to make it onto Youtube.

It wasn't the absurdity of the piece, which was meant for Scientologist eyes only, that set them off; but rather that Youtube was strong-armed, through threat of litigation into removing it from their site- something "Anons" saw as a direct attack on free speech. This set off an e-call to arms.

I think it's time for /b/ to do something big. People need to understand
not to f*k with /b/, and talk about nothing for ten minutes, and expect people
to give their money to an organization that makes absolutely no f*king
sense. I'm talking about "hacking" or "taking down" the official Scientology
website. It's time to use our resources to do something we believe is right.
It's time to do something big again, /b/. Talk amongst one another, find a
better place to plan it, and then carry out what can and must be done.It's
time, /b/


The person that posted this was really only advocating standard hacker tactics, but the Anonymous Movement has now mutated into all out warfare against the controversial "Church". Thus, what started on an Internet forum has now moved into the streets. Members donning the V for Vendetta masks (to assure anonymity) are taking part in organized protests in almost every major city where the "Church" can be found.

The anarchic, faceless quality of the movement makes it extremely difficult to litigate against, which happens to be the "Church"s proffered mode of attack. Elegant in it's simplicity this demonstrates the true value of the Internet in connecting disparate people for a common cause.

Here is an in depth artical about the whole phenomenon:


Only Love Can Do That said...

Thank you for spreadng the word, Agent Atticus' Bloggimus! IN THE NAME OF CHANOLOGY I SALUTE YOU!

Atticus said...

Just happy to help out. Anyone willing to do battle with a litigious bully like the Church of Scientology is a friend in my book. Keep fighting the good fight!

Fredric said...

Anonymous is winning.

The Scientology crime syndicate has maybe as much as 40,000 remaining customers world wide and though the ARSCC (wdne) is responsible for most of the dismantleing of the crime syndicate, Anonymous has stepped in and has been inviting Scientology's crime bosses and ringleaders to step over the edge of the cliff.

Anonymous kicks Scientology ass and they do it with wit, humor, creativity, fun, caek, and they do it lawfully and with responsibility. Anonymous are human rights advocates who won't stop until the crime syndicate is utterly dismantled and every last remaining Scientology customer has been freed.

Oh, Scientology can keep Will Smith and heterosexual Tom Cruise. Society doesn't want those insane morons back, no thanks.