Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nothing I See Means Anything by David Parrish M.D.

Dr. Parrish is a Freudian Psychoanalyst by trade, but his interest in how we develop consciousness has led him into the realms of quantum physics, philosophy and metaphysics. Nothing I See Means Anything is an attempt to join these disparate fields of knowledge together.And the degree with which he achieves this is astonishing in my opinion. Each chapter builds on the last like interlocking parts.

He begins with Freudian Psychoanalysis, his area of expertise, pointing out the role projection plays on our perception of reality.

He then pivots to existential psychology, adding that man is ultimately responsible for the projections that he makes.

After which he spends the next several chapters explaining the basics of quantum theory in layman's terms (no math); including the concepts of entanglement, superposition, and of course the double slit test. In referencing these insights he is piggy-backing on analysis from such luminary physicists as John Wheeler and David Bohm as well as the influential author Ken Wilbur His aim here is to advance the idea that, at the most basic level, we (conscious beings) are active participants in the universe as opposed to passive observers.

Following this, mysticism enters into the discourse. Parrish makes the argument that, what mystics have been saying for millenia, quantum physics has now proven empirically.

The latter part of the book is dedicated almost entirely to the relationship between physics and metaphysics.

Admittedly there is a lot of stuff here that will be very hard to swallow for those without a completely open mind. Stuff about synchronicity, different levels of consciousness, and other subjective things that can not necessarily be verified scientifically. That being said, Parrish’s logic is impeccable even when conjecturing.

If you can make it through it’s 175 odd pages while suspending judgement, you may be pleasantly surprised. I know i was.

This is a truly ambitious endeavor Parrish has undertaken and the result is edifying.

Nothing I See Means Anything by David Parrish M.D.
Sentient Publications 2005

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