Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dethklok - The Dethalbum (Metalocolypse)

Brendan Small is somewhat of a Renaissance man. The kind of guy you resent for seemingly being good at everything. The first time I heard his name was in connection with Home Movies, the brilliantly quirky cartoon on Adult Swim about three fourth graders who make there own low budget movies. Then, a couple of years later this show called Metalocolpyse— which gets a dual slayer because it’s too much metal for one hand to handle— comes along. Turns out Small is behind this too. If you haven’t seen the show, basically it’s every metal head’s wet dream. It follows a metal band, Dethkok, that have sold so many records they’ve become millionaires with unlimited recording budgets, who sell out stadiums. So popular that they influence world politics. The whole thing is meant to be a parody of metal and it’s practitioners. Honestly, this is the best type of metal(head), completely over the top but with tongue fully in cheek.

Anyhow, the show features an original sound track that freakin' rocks. So much so that it’s been released as an album with proper metal song titles like Face Fisted, Hatredcopter, and Bloodrocuted. And guess who wrote all the music. Turns out Small is also a kick ass multi-instrumentalist. He wrote and played all the music; Prince-style. Even sang the vocals. And then he hired a bunch of musicians to help bring the whole thing on the road, kinda like a metal version of The Gorillaz. And believe me they put on a show, definitely worth checking out if you’re metalically inclined.

The CD’s great as I already mentioned, it’s full length and even comes with a bonus disc. Even if you don’t listen to a lot of metal you may still like this, especially if you’ve seen the show.

Here's a clip of the show for those that don't know.

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