Wednesday, October 15, 2008

N*E*R*D* - Seeing Sounds

With a title referring to the state of synethesia, one would obviously expect the music contained to be vivid. N*E*R*D* definitely delivers on the production side. These beats are as well crafted as any I've heard from Pharrell and Chad, and the best under their N*E*R*D moniker, in my opinion. Some, such as Spaz and Anti-Matter which tastefully incorporate elements of drum & bass, are as forward thinking as anything main-stream hip hop as recently produced this side of Outkast. Unfortunately, the lyrical content is marginal at best and made to seem all the more inadequate with the shear bombast of the production.

I read a review of this album on Pitchfork in which the critic accused N*E*R*D* of "wielding Occam's Razor" when they should of just been making easily digestible party fodder (obviously the irony that one could be accused of "wielding Occam's Razor" by referencing it in regards to main-stream hip hop is lost on this particular reviewer). I'm not going to go there but I will say that I'm non-plussed by the vocals to the extent that it degrades the overall listening experience for me. It would've been nice if they'd hired some real MC’s or at least released an instrumental version for us beat freaks.

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