Thursday, October 23, 2008

Restiform Bodies - TV Loves You Back

If Depeche Mode and hip hop got drunk and hooked up, the resulting bastard love-child would probably. sound something like TV Loves You Back. Bomarr, Passage, and Telephone Jim Jesus revive their Restiform Bodies moniker after an eight year hiatus, to bring us another genre bender.

Aesthetically, this album effortlessly threads the line between 80’s synthepop and post millennial underground hip-hop. So it’s only fitting that this should be released on Anticon, the Oakland CA based indie label that has been pushing the boundaries of what can rightfully be called hip-hop since the late 90’s. As the sardonic title cryptically alludes, this is somewhat of a concept album. A manifesto if you will, that rejects consumer culture categorically. And if this sounds a bit clichĂ©; take solace dear reader, in that the lyrical content really isn’t the focal point here. Sure Jim Jesus raps with dexterity and Passage sings catchy enough hooks, but it’s the production that is the star here. The execution is of which is near flawless In my estimation. Ridiculously reverb-drenched snares crash, analog bass grooves and vintage synthesizers provide an authentic electro feel.

If you like your hip-hop easily categorized and digestible this record is not for you. But if you’re looking for something a bit left field or are already a fan of Anticon, you will not be disappointed. Oh and it was mastered by my friend Mike (


RE$TIFORM BOD1ES* Blog said...

Nice review.

Just to let you know though, Telephone Jim Jesus ( doesn't sing, Passage does ( And the third member is Bomarr ( but you knew that.

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Atticus said...

Forgot to post a reply, but correction made and thank you.